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James Hall

Los Angeles. California

     I have made fake corpses for doctors to dissect and study, carved half-ton pumpkins for TV contests, and sculpted more clay than I could ever hope to add up. From engineering a medical trainer to airbrushing a giant gourd, the inspiration for all of this has been the films that I grew up watching.

⦁    Sculpting in various media
⦁    Making molds in silicone, urethane, fiberglass, and plaster
⦁    Replicating faces and props
⦁    Designing and adjusting projects to client demands and deadlines
⦁    Sculpting to medical level anatomical detail
⦁    Airbrush and dry brush painting

Work Experience
⦁    John Lewis Glass Studio - 2016-2019-  Cast and worked large custom glass pieces
⦁    Halloween Wars - 2016 and 2019 - Designed and built large sculptures with a team
⦁    Syndaver Labs - 2013-2015- Designed and built best selling medical training devices
⦁    St Petersburg College - 2011-2012 - Adjunct drawing instructor; taught students to draw using various styles and techniques
⦁    Beach Art Center - 2010-2013 - Taught students to sculpt, draw, paint etc
⦁    Joy And Tom Studios - 2008 - Intern - Sculpted custom portrait statues and worked on castings

⦁    Master of Fine Art - University of Central Florida
⦁    Bachelor of Fine Art - University of Central Florida
⦁    Associate of Art - St Petersburg College

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